Farm History

Home Farm is an 88 ha farm growing cereals including Winter and Spring Wheat. It is a traditional farm with historic farm buildings, the fields and hedges have not been changed since the family started farming here in 1923.

The buildings included a cow shed, stabling for the working horses, loose boxes for foals and calves, a cart hovel which was used to store the farm wagons and equipment. An engine house which powered the mills etc for preparing animal feed. A thrashing barn with large entrance doors for the loaded wagonettes and a smaller door for the exit when the vehicles had emptied. The barn floor was used for flailing corn, and there are grain lofts above.

The range of buildings included a slaughter house with a fasting room, a row of pig sties, and a dovecote with the pigeon holes around the walls. There is also a hay safe which is one of only two of this style in Northamptonshire.

There is permanent grassland that was once part of Laxton Park which surrounded Laxton Hall. There are still some oak trees left from the Regency planting, this land is grazed extensively by sheep.

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